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The Top 4 Doulas in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Top 4 Doulas in Salt Lake City

Being pregnant and giving birth is one of the most special and magical moments in your life – you want everything to be perfect, healthy, and happy. Doula services are becoming more popular each year, and it’s for good reason! They help to educate expecting mothers on what’s to come, and they are there to provide you with the support you need both during your pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and even after your baby is born. As a Utah Birth photographer I have worked alongside some amazing birth workers. Birth is such a personal thing, but here is a good place to start on your search for Doulas in Salt Lake City.

If you’re looking for the best doula services in Salt Lake City, Utah, this one is for you! 

The top 4 doulas in Salt Lake City, UT:

Owned and operated by Beth Hardy and Chelsea Udell, this duo is one of the best in the Salt Lake City area when it comes to Doula services. There are so passionate about helping expecting parents find each of their strengths, power, and their voices when it comes to their birthing experience. They work will all kinds of families, and they make your birthing experience so special. Their list of services goes on forever, but you can see all that information by clicking here. 

The mission of this doula service is to provide expecting parents through the pregnancy with a supportive, unbiased environment so they have all the tools and resources they need to raise their little ones. With a wide variety of services ranging from birth doula services, postpartum doula services, yoga and somatic instruction, and even consultation and education services, this doula service does it all! The owner of SHAUNTEA, Destiny Olsen, started her business in 2012 and has been working with expecting parents all over the Salt Lake City, UT area!

Owned and operated by Heather Whitley, Utah Midwife, CPM, LDEM. Heather offers complete maternity care ranging from pregnancy counseling, clinical care, doula services, and postpartum visits. Not only is she there for you every step of the way during your pregnancy, but she also provides you with postpartum care – which believe it or not, can be the hardest part of your pregnancy. She is so attentive to each of her clients, and she gives you nothing but the best care! If you’re looking for a caring, understanding, and loving doula for your next childbirth, Heather is one of the best options! 

The owner of this doula service is Meagan Heaton, who has so much experience when it comes to everything birthing. Being a mother of two herself, she knows exactly what every expecting mother needs from their doula. She had two cesarean sections for both of her daughters, and she had a support system in place throughout her entire journey and that’s what encouraged her to become a birthing doula – how amazing?! The thing that makes Meagan so special is that she knows exactly what you’ll need throughout your journey, whether it be educating you on things or just being there to hold your hand – she is one of the best!

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