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The 4 Best Baby Stores in Salt Lake City, Utah

The 4 Best Baby Stores in Salt Lake City, Utah

Whether you are expecting your first baby, or you are already a mother of 5, shopping for your little ones is always so fun. No matter what you are shopping for – newborn essentials or clothing to spruce up your little ones’ closet, you should always know which baby stores are worth it! However, not all baby stores are created equal! That’s why I created this guide of the best stores to go to if you’re looking for the best baby stores in Salt Lake City, Utah. These stores are the best in the area from all things newborn to toddlers!

No matter what store you choose, I guarantee you’ll enjoy your experience and find everything you need for your new arrival or your children! 

The 4 best baby stores in Salt Lake City, UT:

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop kind of baby store, this is it! You can get everything you need from nursery equipment to clothing and toys. Over 20 years ago, a team of ‘retail enthusiasts’ created this shop as they waited for their little one to enter the world. Since they received their special miracle, they have been wild about all things baby and their passion for baby and children supplies continues. Stocking everything you need from strollers, car seats, clothing, and more, this Salt Lake City baby store is one of the best!  

This is a unique boutique-style baby store. They are great are educating expecting parents on what they need and the products they recommend, as well as providing them with the best customer service! Whether you’re looking for your newborn essentials or a gift for a baby shower, this store has it all! With lots of clothing items, books, and toys to choose from, this is one of our favorite baby stores in Salt Lake City!

If you’re looking for a baby store that literally has everything you need, and then more… this is it! With hundreds of items and categories to choose from and some of the best brands in the industry, this baby store is sure to be your go-to whenever you need anything for your little one(s). The thing I love most about this baby store is that they emphasize supporting other local, or small businesses within their store. Not only will your purchase provide you with the things you need for your little one, but you are also supporting a small business at the same time! 

If you’re an expecting mother who loves to reduce, reuse, and recycle any chance you get, this is the baby store for you! Kid to Kid is a consignment baby store chain that sells a wide range of lightly used baby items. You can get everything from gear, toys, and shoes, to clothing. Their selection of items is huge, and oftentimes you can find some of your favorite brands there! This one is definitely one to check out! And, of course you can sell your good condition stuff to them and make some money for all your new finds! 


As a newborn and family photographer I am always looking for fun finds for my studio and my clients. I hope you find what you are looking for at these great stores!


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