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Things to do in Provo, Utah

6 Unique Things to do in Provo, Utah

Whether you are a resident who’s lived here for years, or you’re traveling to the area, Provo, Utah is full of fun, unique, and special things to do. As a family photographer in the Provo area, I get to explore the beauty of this area ofter. I came up with a list of things to do that I think you should definitely check out if you’re in the area with your family! 

6 fun things to do:

If you’ve never been to Utah, this is the one thing you need to do during your time there! Provo, UT is filled with beautiful hiking trails for you and your family to enjoy. Whether it be hiking Mount Timpanogos, Y Mountain, or Rock Canyon, there are so many hikes to choose from! If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do, but you’re looking to stay outdoors, you can go wrong with exploring the natural beauty Provo has to offer!

  • Museums

Provo, UT is filled with so many different kinds of museums you can check out. Whether it be the BYU Museum of Art or the BYU Museum of Paleontology, you can learn so much on your trip to Provo. Or, if you’re a local looking for something new to do, you can spend the day learning something new at the many different museums in the area. 

  • Catch a performance

If you and your family love to watch any kind of performance, you’re going to love Provo, UT! They have a wide variety of theaters to choose from. Want to watch a music show, a theatre performance, or a ballet performance? There’s an option for everyone! Whether it be at the BYU Harris Fine Arts Center or the Covey Center for the Performing Arts, there is sure to be some sort of performance you can enjoy during your time here!

  • White water rafting

So, you like to have some fun and get your adrenaline running, don’t you? Provo, UT has just the thing for you! Spend the day white water rafting at the High Country Adventure in Provo. This is sure to get your adrenaline flowing! 

  • History tours

Explore the historic buildings in Provo by signing up for a historic walking tour. You can sign up for all tours at the Utah Valley Visitor’s Center located on Center Street. There are so many different tour options you can choose from to learn about the history and culture of the Provo area.

  • Helicopter tour

Ever wonder what it’s like to ride a helicopter? With this helicopter tour, you no longer have to wonder! You can book a tour with Helicopter Charters Provo and take a luxury tour of the area and see things from a bird’s eye view.

Provo, Utah is filled with so many fun and unique activities. Whether you are a local looking to learn a little more about the area you live in, or you’re traveling to the area for a week, there are so many different things you can do to fill up your time! Utah county is a beautiful place, and I hope you get to see it for yourself one day! 

Sources used for reference, but all wording is my own. 

A utah family at their family session.

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