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Birthing Your Way

The most important thing throughout your pregnancy is making sure you, your family, and your baby are happy, healthy, and comfortable. Do you know what makes all those things happen? Using a midwifery service to make the process that much smoother and more enjoyable! At Birthing Your Way located in Lehi, Utah, they make sure you have everything you could ever hope for during your pregnancy. Need a shoulder to cry on? They are there for you. Need a specialty treatment or service? They are there for you!

Choosing a midwifery service is a tricky part of finding out you’re pregnant, but once you find one that fits all your wants and needs, you’ll be so thankful to have them in your corner. Pregnancy is such an emotional and physical journey – there are a lot of ups, and there are a lot of downs, but in the end, it’s all worth it! Once you see your little baby look into your eyes for the first time, you’ll be wishing for your next one!

Are you wondering if Birthing Your Way is the right midwifery service for you? Here’s a small guide that talks about why I love this option so much, and why you will too!

Why Is This The Right Provider For You?

  • You have midwife options

Did you know that there are different kinds of midwives? There are 3 types of midwives that can legally practice in Utah, and lucky for you, Birthing Your Way has some of each! Here are the 3 kinds of midwives you can choose from:

  • CPM or DEM: You can choose a Certified Professional Midwife or a Direct Entry Midwife. This option doesn’t have to have any special credentials to provide their services, so it’s totally up to you to determine if you think the person is qualified to your standards or not. They can provide you with oxygen, but they can prescribe medications.
  • LDEM: A Licensed Direct Entry Midwife is someone who is licensed to provide their services by the state. They can carry oxygen, lidocaine, and other medications that are needed throughout pregnancy. They practice independently but are not under direct supervision of a doctor.
  • CNM: A Certified Nurse Midwife has gone through formal training and is fully certified. They have a degree for their skills and knowledge.
  • Personalized care

When you choose this option for midwifery care, you are receiving passionate care from a knowledgeable team. The goal of the staff here is to provide you with the individualized care you need to have the most enjoyable pregnancy ever. They treat you with a treatment plan that is custom to you and your needs, so you never have to lack for anything during your pregnancy.

There are so many reasons why I love this midwifery care, but the main two reasons are that you have the flexibility and full control when it comes to choosing which kind of midwife you will work with, and I love how their treatment plans are fully customized to you, your family’s, and your baby’s needs. To learn more about Birthing Your Way, click here.

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