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Birthing Centers in Utah County

The Top 4 Birthing Centers in Utah County

Being pregnant is one of the most magical moments you’ll experience as a woman. There is no better feeling than raising a tiny little human and sharing that magical moment of birth surrounded by your loved ones. When it comes to wanting support throughout your pregnancy journey and wanting to give birth in a non-traditional way, choosing to go the birth center route is so much better and can make the experience even more intimate. If you’re looking for the best birthing centers in Utah County, I curated this list just for you!

The top 4 birthing centers in Utah County:

Birthing Your Way

This birthing center was created to improve the birthing experience for mothers and their families. Mainstream hospital birth is a thing of the past and going to a birthing center is the new way to do it. This birthing center knows that each birth is unique and requires different things. They are prepared for anything that is thrown at them, and they take all your personal preferences into account when creating your customized treatment plan. They believe that each mother-to-be deserves the happiest and safest birthing experience possible. 

Joyful Birth Midwifery Services

If you want everything from prenatal care to postpartum support, this is the place for you! This Utah birthing center helps to educate you on everything you are going to experience during your pregnancy as well as during and after delivery. The owner of Joyful Birth Midwifery services is Amy Ihrig who came into this industry after she had an accidental home birth. After she experienced it, she knew she had to help other women have the same joyful experience she had. This birthing center offers a wide variety of services, and they have everything you could ever need. To see their full list of services, click here. 

Two Leaves Midwifery

If you want an empowering environment during your delivery, you need to make an appointment with this birthing center! This birthing center has the best, most attentive staff who is there to help make your birthing experience the best experience you’ll have. You can make any request you want, such as not having too many people in the room while you’re delivering, and they will make sure you get exactly what you want. They also provide you with prenatal care, labor and delivery services, and postpartum support.

Freya Birth

The best thing about this birthing center is you get to choose exactly where and how you will give birth. Whether you want to have it at your home or in their facility, this center can make it happen! You get to make every decision during your pregnancy, and they are just there to give you support and knowledge along the way. They pride themselves on respecting each of their clients and they make your voice heard throughout your pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Birthing centers are becoming much more popular for mothers-to-be these days. The thing people love about them is that they provide continuous support and education throughout your pregnancy journey, and they put you in control of how you are going to give birth. It’s really the best way to go these days and if you’re looking for the best birthing centers in Utah County, these are the ones! Check out my other birth professional recommendations the blog!

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